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Musical Candle

Item: A880305

Music Candle  A880305

1.Double layer petals (plastic + farbic petals) & 8 pcs small candles
2.Rotating style
3.3.5cm flat based
4.Available Test: CE,ROHS,IOS9001
5.Color: Pink. Blue. Red. Yellow. Purple.
6.Available music : Happy Birthday melody,Christmas melody, my heart will go on.
7.The advantage of lotus  musical birthday candles are: 1) beautiful sculpt, 2) music blessing, 3) the lotus flower will blossom automatically,4) pollution free, 5) high quality with low price. It is an ideal new product replacing the traditional birthday candles, which will bring boundless happiness and warmth to the birthday party, very fancy.

Making your wishes in our amazing candle flame will almost make your dreams come true!!!
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